Term Four
8 x 75 minute Belly Dance classes
Oct 2 - Nov 23
7.30pm Tue intermediate/advanced
7.30pm Thurs beginners/intermediate
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Please note Yoga classes will not be running in term four

Uniting body, mind, heart and soul through the beautiful and sacred mediums of both belly dance and yoga are what I am most passionate about. Both our yoga and belly dance classes are life enriching experiences with the potential to improve physical, mental and emotional well being. All ages, shapes and abilities and are welcome and supported in our friendly environment.

Yoga ...
Our classes include classical hatha asanas, steady vinyasa flows, pranayama practice and relaxation. . Our intention is to empower individuals with a greater awareness of their own unlimited potential both on and off the mat. The ability to strengthen and stretch your heart, mind and soul along with your body brings infinite benefits. 

Belly Dance...
It is an absolute joy to share this ancient form of dance, a true celebration of life. Our classes are blend of the folkloric, nomadic, and classical dances of the Middle East, Spain, India and Egypt, with our own contemporary twist. Physically grounding and spiritually uplifting, tribal belly dance is about the empowerment of the dancers expressing through the body, inspired by music and completely in the moment.
Lisa Craigen ...
Lisa's love affair with yoga commenced in 1992 and she has since explored, practised and been fascinated with it's infinite benefits. In 2014 Lisa completed her Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training at the Australian Yoga Academy. Her Middle Eastern Dance journey commenced in 1993 and she has since shared her love of this dance and it's community via ongoing classes, workshops and performances.                            
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